Counselling and You

counselling and you

The counsellor/client therapeutic relationship is unlike any other relationship you will have experienced with family and friends. The hour each week with your counsellor gives you an opportunity to reflect and explore. The space and time offered during the session allows you freedom to explore your emotions with no one making demands on you or judging you. Through exploration of self you may identify values and needs that you have never given a voice to before and with this discovery may come the potential for change and growth. The counselling space allows flexibility of thought, looking at yourself, situations and others from a different stance which again can promote change within yourself, whether it be change in behaviour or a change in emotional responses. For some, just understanding themselves better can offer them the acceptance of themselves and the situation they are in.

As your counsellor these are all the values I hold dear, having experienced the process myself as a client. I see my role of counsellor as that of a facilitator of change. We all have the potential within us to be the best we can be and I believe that the essence of ourselves can sometimes be lost along the way through life events, small or big, family demands, work demands, societal expectation, ill health and loss.

COVID19 has brought about many changes in society and for each of us personally. I am able to give time and space to reflect on this with clients and what it means for them. Many have suffered losses through bereavement, work or home life and the impact is ongoing. Counselling can give the breathing space that many people might need going forward.

I bring experience from my past into my present, my own deep exploration of self through counselling and working with many different clients all serving to widen my experience.